"God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform..." William Cowper

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Crazy Things We Do

"Mommy, you smell like the beach."

No, my sweet, sweet, unassuming five-year-old, that's not the beach. It's the fish oil your mother rubbed on her knees before she went on that ten mile run this morning. Ick.

I read about it somewhere online. For aching knees, massage fatty acids directly onto your joints. Avocado may smell better, but fish oil is cheaper. Mind you, I'm not even sure if this is proven, but it does seem to work--even if it's all in my head. The trouble is, the smelly stuff doesn't come out easily, even with a bar of soap and a fierce scrubbing.

Oh, the things a runner will do.

Such as periodically hopping on one foot while running to ease a painful, numbing cramp out of one's toe. Of course, I could stop and stand on said foot like a flamingo, but that would be...well, kind of like cheating. No stopping, no walking. Those are my self-inflicted rules.

So, if you're cruising around the Swansea/Dighton/Rehoboth area in Massachusetts with your windows down, and get a whiff of something...fishy...and you round a bend and see a woman hopping ungracefully on one foot with a sports drink in hand (no, I'm not playing hopscotch)...that's me...the girl who thinks she can run a marathon.

But wait! I'd hate to end the post on such a discouraging note. That ten mile run? My mile splits weren't far off from Boston Marathon qualifying time! Never mind the extra sixteen miles I need to run to make a marathon, progress is progress.

As for the second part of my Double Marathon Challenge, I'm polishing up my manuscript for a final time and will submit it to my critique group this week. Right on schedule.

This week's a high and I'm not expecting it to last forever. But today, I'm happy.

What about you? What are the crazy things you've done to achieve your goals?


  1. that's awesome that you're training for a marathon! Well, recently the crazy goal for me was finishing 30k words for novel track, and I had to burn the midnight oil a couple of times to make it...and sneak writing times in during nap time. (I love nap time:)).

  2. LOL, nap time is very special, isn't it? Great job on novel track, Melanie! I have great respect for all who completed it!