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Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: Though Waters Roar

“Thank goodness you’re such a plain child. You’ll have to rely on your wits.”
So went the words of Grandma Bebe. And for all of my growing-up years, I scoffed at the beauty of my sister and what I saw as her meaningless existence. But my wits hadn’t served me well in this instance, for here I was, in jail. And while I could have seen it as carrying on the family tradition for Grandma Bebe landed in jail for her support of Prohibition, the truth is, my reasons for being here would probably break her heart.
So how did I end up becoming a criminal? I’ve been pondering that question all night. Perhaps the best way to search for an answer is to start at the very beginning….

My Review:
I have to thank one of my critique group members--thanks, Nicole!--for recommending Lynn Austin to me several months ago. This being only the second book of Austin's that I read, I'm already looking forward to polishing off her entire list.

Though Waters Roar is a true historical adventure that swims through three generations of strong-minded women and their battles for the abolition of slavery, prohibition, and women's suffrage. Each woman is real, each woman faces insurmountable challenges, and each woman has different lessons to learn along the way.

The bulk of the novel was told in flashback, and while some may find this hard to follow, I loved the resonance it lent to the story as a whole. Austin's unique voice and powerful writing not only made me laugh out loud, but also brought me to tears during one particularly poignant scene. Her unpredictable story of hope and forgiveness is not one I will soon forget.


  1. I haven't read this book, but you must read Hidden Places. It's wonderful and nothing like the Hallmark movie.

  2. Just put it on my "to-read" list. Thanks, Sandy!