"God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform..." William Cowper

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The ACFW 2010 Annual Conference

Wow! Maybe I should just leave it at that.

I'm still reeling from the excitement of meeting some of my favorite authors, listening to them teach, and worshiping not only with them, but with this entire fabulous family of writers.

Here's something else I learned this weekend: writers are weird. But you know what? I felt right at home. I suppose that makes me weird, too. I always knew deep in my heart that I was. :) At least I don't attach dialogue tags to conversations with my husband as Tim Downs confessed to doing....can you imagine the dinner talk now?

I made some amazing friends and laughed a lot. And the hotel was beautiful. I'm already thinking of ways to save for next year.

Okay, my next task is sending out the proposals and chapters requested by agents. Then, besides holding my breath, I'll be planning my next manuscript and diving into more writing craft books. I'm especially looking forward to James Scott Bell's Plot and Structure. He spoke a little on it, which only made me curious for more! (Yes, this is what I dream about at night--and yes, I know this fact confirms my weirdness.)


  1. Thanks for the post. I enjoyed the conference as well. I may have bumped into you at one point but with 620 attendees, who knows?

  2. Wow, I think we should all be flattered that you chose us as your representative picture of the conference. I had such a great time with you ladies. Post this on facebook so I can show off my new friends since I'm lame enough to be the only one without a camera. Though us pregos look like we're feeling the hour a little more than the rest of you gals. :)

    And I said, I would miss your voice, but I can hear it in your writing!

    I think the craziest thing I have ever done was ask at a party of strangers (I only knew the host): "If a gang member challenged you to a fight and you'd never thrown a punch in your life, how would you prepare?" Not a historical MS obviously, but I sure got a lot of funny stares with that one.

  3. LOL--I'm going to miss you, too! We'll all keep in touch. Take care of that baby and make sure you let us know what "it" is when "it" arrives!

  4. It was so amazing, wasn't it? I have pictures from the conference up on my blog today as well. So glad that I was able to meet you in person...you are a really neat woman of God!