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Monday, November 15, 2010

Review: Sons of Thunder

Two brothers love her--but only one can have her heart.

Sofia Frangos is torn between the love of hot-headed, passionate Markos and his younger brother, quiet, intelligent Dino. Markos longs to honor his family. Dino wants to forget the tragedy that drove them from their Greek home to the shores of America. One brother offers the past she loves...the other, a future. Which "Son of Thunder" will she choose? From Chicago's sultry jazz-era clubs...to Europe's World War II battlefields...to a final showdown on a Greek island, the Sons of Thunder discover betrayal, sacrifice--and finally...redemption.

My Review: When disaster comes in the form of death and guilt, brothers Markos and Dino Stavros flee their Greek island home with Sofia Frangos, leaving their families and all they've ever known behind. Determined to protect his sweetheart, Sofia, and his younger brother, Dino, in America, Markos flirts with danger out of desperation. The result is another separation--and this time, Markos is the one left behind.

Sons of Thunder was about so much more than a tangled love triangle. Susan May Warren is a truly gifted storyteller, breathing life into each character and setting with unique beauty. I couldn't help but care about each of these people as I anxiously flipped through the pages of this book. There is much Christian fiction out there that shies away from difficult circumstances and real-life situations, but this book is definitely not one of them.

Sons of Thunder plucked chords of emotion deep in my heart with each page. Unpredictable, emotional, passionate, and beautiful. This is romantic suspense at its best!

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