"God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform..." William Cowper

Friday, May 6, 2011

Short and Sweet Friday: Childlike Faith

One lego out of a thousand. That was the challenge my six-year-old requested my help with yesterday morning, and the search was on. This one specialty piece was crucial in the building of his lego castle.

I searched all the pieces. Twice. Three times. We both looked. I took out his big lego box and searched through all those pieces.

"I don't know, James. I'm sure it'll turn up eventually." I couldn't spend my entire day looking for one lego piece, after all.

"Mommy, I'm going to pray," he said, confidence in his tone.

I love when he does this, turns to God with that precious childlike faith. But I have to admit, I stifle the urge to warn him. We just looked. God probably won't answer his prayer. I want to protect his budding faith. I don't say anything, but bow my head in prayer with him as he beseeches the Lord with his urgent request. I suppose he'll have to learn sometime that the Lord doesn't always answer prayers in the affirmative.

After he finishes, I tell him I'll look on the bookshelf where we store the lego kits. Maybe it fell out.

I hadn't made it but five steps before he yells, "I found it!"

Right where I had looked before. Three times.

And once again, I am ashamed of my little faith...and in awe of my child's.


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!...AD

  2. NewEnglandNature.etsy.comMay 6, 2011 at 6:12 PM

    James knows believing is everything! Grandma

  3. I cannot tell you how many times my husband has prayed to find something he's misplaced and not long afterwards he finds it. I even wrote and sold a children's short story about this several years ago.

    Tell James to keep up the good work!