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Friday, May 27, 2011

Short and Sweet Friday: Mommy's Stories

"Mommy, can you tell us one of your stories tonight?"

This was the request from my six-year-old. Both my sons love my make-up stories. And while I may have the audacity to send my historical fiction novels out to literary agents and hope and pray for a positive answer, I am in no way under the illusion that the stories I tell my children before bed are worthy of being published.

So why do they love them? No doubt it's the personal level I create them on. I always put both my sons in the story, often along with their favorite stuffed animals and favorite activities (trucks, Legos, dinosaurs). They go on adventures without getting out of bed. Isn't that the same reason we open a book?

Do you have children that love your make-up stories? Do you remember being told such stories as a child?

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