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Monday, May 30, 2011

Ten Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Tomorrow my husband and I will celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary. Although a day doesn't go by that I don't thank God for this wonderful man He put in my life, today seems like an appropriate time to do it a more public manner.

In honor of our anniversary, I've decided to post Ten Secrets to a Happy Marriage, found in a novel by Karen Kingsbury called Forever. I am constantly needing these reminders and hope that they may bless your marriage (or future marriage) as well.

Ten Secrets to a Happy Marriage

1. God has you here to serve one another. Love acted out is serving.

2. Women need respect and nurturing. Love your wife so she knows you'd lay your life down for her. Continue to date her and admire her. Share a hobby--find something you can do to have fun together.

3. Laugh often.

4. Be patient. Love crumbles quickly under the weight of unmet expectations.

5. Spend more time trying to fix yourself than your spouse.

6. Keep short accounts. The Bible says, "Do not let the sun go down while you are angry." Make it a habit to forgive.

7. Determine up front that divorce is not an option.

8. Learn about love languages. Not all people show love or receive it the same way. You want a back rub and your spouse wants a clean kitchen. The love languages are fairly simple: acts of service, time, physical touch, gifts, and words of affirmation. Learn them. Love is better received when it's in the language that person speaks.

9. Words of affirmation are a love language for all men.

10. Men are born leaders. He cannot lead unless she gives him the confidence to do so. If you love your husband, build him up. Confident men do not seek love outside the home.

There you have it. On paper they may look simple, but as I strive to do these things I often find myself falling short. Lucky for me my husband is excellent at following secret number 6! ;)

I love you, honey. These last eight years have been the best of my life. Happy Anniversary!


  1. Happy Anniversary, friend! What a great list. I'm learning to expect nothing...then everything becomes a gift!

    Hope you have a really special day together!


  2. Happy Anniversary Heidi and Dan, Love the list.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Heidi! Very good reminders.