"God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform..." William Cowper

Friday, March 23, 2012

Short and Sweet Friday: BRIGHT MORNING STAR

In ancient times, the morning star was the sign of a new day about to be born. It signaled the birth of hope and joy. It comes as no surprise then, that it is also one of the many names of Jesus.

Ann Spangler writes, "I wonder, did human beings panic when they saw the sun go down for the very first time? Were they heartened by a brilliant white light hanging low in the western sky? If so, they were probably gazing at the evening star, which just so happens to be the second planet from the sun. Yes, Venus is both the morning and the evening star, a steady brightness that reminds us of the One who lights up our darkness and chases away our gloom."

May your day be filled with the Bright Morning Star!


  1. Oh I love this! What a way to brighten (:D) my day!!!
    ~ Wendy