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Monday, March 5, 2012

Social Networking and Sweaty Palms

I have a feeling that for many of you, social networking and your eccrine glands are not directly related. You’ve been blogging much longer than I have. You probably have about nine-hundred enthusiastic Facebook friends. Your brilliant Twitter posts draw attention, dozens of retweets, replies, and new followers.

At least, that’s how I often perceive things.

As if I’m the only one swimming upstream in this crazy world of social media. As if I’m the only one who would rather be planning my next novel than thinking up clever things to say on Facebook. As if I’m the only one with sweaty palms as I push that blue “Tweet” button.

I know a significant part of moving past this anxiety is to just do it. Keep pushing. Keep blogging. Keep tweeting. Keep connecting.

And you know what? As much as I dragged myself into this entire social networking thing, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I’m so very glad I did. I’ve met so many amazing people (yes, I’m talking about you!). My knowledge on the craft of writing has grown. I’ve come to realize that I’m not aloneDespite the sweaty palms, I’m persevering. I’m growing.

And there’s plenty more room for growth.

So, just in case I’m not the only one with a rapidly beating heart as I push “Publish” on my 102nd blog post, I decided to gather (and reread) some of my favorite blog posts on social media.

Michael Hyatt on Twitter and Blogging

What is your favorite part of social networking? Is there any part of social media that makes you nervous?

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  1. Don't let me pick up a glass while "connecting" or it'll fall right through those sweaty palms. :-) You would think, as writers, it would be easy to create brilliant, "gotta read 'em" posts. Maybe we just overthink things?

  2. I think most of social networking makes me nervous. I always have to find that balance between personal and professional and that's tough for me. I want readers to know who I really am, but I also want them to relate to my writing - because that's the whole point, right?

    I don't often post on Facebook and I don't use Twitter, so it's mostly blogs for me, and it's what I'm most comfortable with. It's also probably the most I can manage at this point, so it works for me :)

    1. It is tough to find that balance, Cindy. I feel most comfortable with blogging too, probably because I've been doing that the longest.

      And I love reading your blogs!

  3. My favorite part is connecting with people like you. Knowing I'm reaching someone and they are impacting my life in return. This truly is the stuff of life!
    ~ Wendy

    1. Wendy, you are very sweet. My favorite part is definitely the connecting too.

      And you are definitely reaching me, girl! ;)

  4. Congrats on your 102nd post, Heidi! That's awesome!

    I loved Jody's post about the blogging blahs because I've often hit that wall myself. I love what she said about viewing it like a job and showing up whether you feel like it or not. Sometimes easier said than done, right? :)

  5. LOL, definitely sometimes easier said than done!