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Friday, May 25, 2012

Short and Sweet Friday: A Shade Of A Difference

We are in the process of choosing siding color for our house. It's not as easy as it sounds. Since my husband is a contractor, he has the privilege of obtaining boxes of different color siding to nail onto the house and "try out." Our supplier is being very patient with me and my indecision. Finally, I narrowed it down to two very similar colors. Only a shade of difference. But a shade makes a big difference, doesn't it?

I can't help but think of words. How often do writers, myself included, agonize over that perfect word? You know, the one that will make that sentence shine, that paragraph shimmer. There might be only a shade of difference, but oh what a difference a shade makes.

As I continue contemplating my siding, I'll remember that I need to take in the big picture. One shade of difference won't make my house look ugly. One choice of the wrong word won't completely ruin your story. But it will make a difference.

Can you relate to these comparisons in any way? 

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  1. Oh I will so remember this b/c it's so true!
    ~ Wendy