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Monday, May 7, 2012

Social Networking Frustrations

I'd planned another post for today, but as I logged onto my computer this morning after being away for most of the weekend (I especially like to ignore the laptop on Sunday and focus on my family) I realized my Twitter account had been hacked. Again. I'd reset my password once, but apparently that wasn't enough.

I don't often vent my frustrations on this blog, but this really got to me. How many months--years even--have I tried to present myself in a professional light, to build my name as a respectable writer? Now, agents I'm seeking out are receiving spam from me.

It's enough to make me swear off social networking for life. To close all my accounts for fear of more failure. To bury myself in obscurity with a good old notebook and an old fashioned pen. 

And yet, if you know me, you know I can't leave the post here. There has to be something positive here. Thinking....thinking...okay, maybe I have it. :)

I did connect with some other writers through this ordeal, and ALL of them were sympathetic. None of them made me feel badly or stupid for clicking on that hacker link. So, if any of you happen upon this post,

                                  Thank You

Because of you, I am not as discouraged as I could have been. Because of you, I'm going to persevere. Because of you, I'm going to continue trudging through this social networking swamp to pursue my dream.

Have you ever had similar problems/frustrations with social networking?


  1. Yep. Blogger has eaten so many comments that if it threw them up I'd have a novel of comments. ;) It always helps me gain perspective when this happens. None of this will make or break anything. It always comes back to the writing. But I'm feeling for the frustration. It can be soooo annoying. My computer needs an enema too.
    ~ Wendy

  2. I'm sorry, Heidi! This is so frustrating. Yes, I've had agents receive spam from me (well, my e-mail address anyway), and while I'm sure they're completely used to it happening and understand, it's still irritating that it makes us look unprofessional. I hope you got everything sorted out.

  3. Thanks for your reassurance, Wendy and Cindy. I think everything is sorted out now...I hope!

  4. I hear you about the frustration, but I'm so glad you were able to make connections as a result. Do not be discouraged, it happens. I hope it all gets sorted out again soon.

  5. I wondered what those messages were. ;) Whenever I get spammy messages from friends, I totally empathize. You can't be blamed for it, and I think reasonable people understand that.

    1. Oh no, Sarah--not you too... :( So sorry about that...glad you're reasonable. ;)

  6. No problem. Those spammers really know how to get your attention, though ("someone is showing crazy photos of you! someone thinks you're great!"). Just wondering--how do you KNOW you've been spammed--does someone tell you or does it show up in your twitter messages?

    1. They definitely do know how to get you! And that's a great question, Heather--one I turned over to Nicole Miller, my awesome critique partner who happens to be a social media coordinator by day (www.nicolemillerbooks.com). Here's what she said:

      Here are the key giveaways to spam:
      - vague, general messages
      - tweets with nothing but a link
      - misspellings

      If it doesn't feel right, DONT click it. :-)

      Check your own twitter feed regularly (your twitter profile) and reset your passwords every few months. Clean up your follow lists - make sure you aren't following people who are inactive and more likely to be spammed.

      Honestly, sometimes it just happens. It's okay. Those who do social media regularly are used to it and you just have to roll with it. :-)

      Hope that helps, Heather. And again...sorry about the spam. :)