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Friday, August 10, 2012

Short and Sweet Friday: Olympic Stories

So I think I've mentioned how much I'm enjoying the Olympics. But there's something NBC does that makes me enjoy them all the more. And it involves one of my favorite things: a story.

A runner may be loosening up at the starting block, or a diver mentally preparing atop the ten meter board, and then it comes. A mini-profile of the Olympian's life, or their fight to get to London. And all of a sudden, I really want the athlete to succeed. The stakes have been raised. They are fighting for a better life for their family in Kenya. They are overcoming a severe diving accident. I see the story, and I am invested in them. I care.

Yes, NBC knows what they're doing. Maybe it's a button on the remote instead of the turn of a page, but either way, I'm there. I'm captured. And all because of the power of a story.

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