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Friday, December 7, 2012

Homemade Storybooks

Today I'm guest blogging over at my dear friend, Melanie Brasher's blog, talking about homemade storybooks for my children. Come stop by!

Monday, December 3, 2012

NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) Musings

Wow, what a month. With November now history, I can sit back and evaluate how NaNo went.

~The first two weeks of November were full steam ahead. I received a job offer that included full time training for half the month of November. Add to that all the responsibilities of a family, and serious doubts about writing 50,000 words in a month clouded my inspired brain.

…I realized the only way I would finish the story is if I took myself, and my WIP, super seriously. I decided to wake up by 4:30 every day—even most Sundays—in order to have the quiet I needed to write. Except for being tired at night, this worked out fairly well. I wrote almost the entire book without taking time away from my family.

…That said, NaNo really did feel like a marathon. And I know a thing or two about marathons from experience. The middle is tough, and I thought about giving up several times.

…but perseverance is key and I rounded the homestretch, victory tingling in my limbs. I finished the story on November 28, at about 51,000 words.

…which left me a bit stumped. I’ve always written books that were too lengthy, not too short! This one will require some beefing up and major edits. I’ve always been a take-your-time type of writer, choose-the-right-word-and-sentence-structure type of writer. Not during NaNo. I just wrote. It was refreshing, freeing.

…I’m definitely going to do it again. But for December, I think I’m going to take a big, well-deserved writing break. J

If you participated in NaNo, what are your final thoughts? Did you like the race? Will you participate next year?