"God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform..." William Cowper

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The New England Christian Writers Retreat

I know I can't pretend like it hasn't been forever since I posted, but after this amazing writing retreat this weekend, I feel invigorated and inspired to do some blogging.

The retreat was held in Plainfield, NH and our surroundings were gorgeous.


Beautiful Sunday morning Sunrise!

 Through sessions, workshops, and critiques, I received plenty of inspiration and helpful information from the amazing faculty.


Left to right: Jeanne Doyon (not pictured--sorry, Jeanne!), Carol Barnier, Tessa Afshar,
 Lauren Yarger, and Lucinda Secrest McDowell



 One of my favorite authors, Tessa Afshar. I was honored to have her critique my first five pages. She gave me some very helpful input.

 I had the pleasure of riding up to Plainfield with this amazing woman and author, Carla Olson Gade. I'm reading her book, Patter for Romance, a very enjoyable historical set in colonial Boston.

My roommate, Rachel Britton, me, and Carla at breakfast. Rachel writes nonfiction (Prayer Zone Workout) and is from England. I loved her accent and her sweet heart.

Along with plenty of learning, writing time, hiking, and great food, I met so many beautiful people alive with the spirit of Christ. Looking forward to next year!

Have you ever gone a retreat (of any kind!)? What was your experience? Were you inspired from your time away?


  1. Heidi, it was fun to see you here again!! I love how retreats and conferences give us the inspiration and drive we need to get back to blogging/writing! I have had the pleasure of many retreats over the past year, and each one was magical in its own way. One of my favorites was when I had Lindsay Harrel, Alena Tauriainen and Melissa Tagg at my house in Minnesota for five days last summer. One of the best retreats ever! :)

  2. Gabrielle, I remember seeing your post about that. It did sound amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Heidi, at last I've got around to checking out your blog. Love it! Keep up the good work.